UMFP Redwood Facade Restoration

419 West Redwood Street envelope restoration project

We listen. Six stories of arched windows, ornate masonry, terracotta detailing, and two types of brownstone make this building a local treasure. But owners and occupants realized that those features needed analysis and repair. The building was also suffering from water infiltration, flashing failures, lintel failures and damage caused by subgrade repairs over the years. […]

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

Remediation and repair recommendations for St. Paul Lutheran Church façade

We listen. The purpose of the assessment was to document the overall structural stability of the exterior walls of the church and provide a detailed report on their condition. We design. The report included observations, both from the field and from laboratory testing. We deliver. It also included a listing of recommendations for remediation, repair, […]

Martin Brownstone

Restored brownstone facade showcases beauty of historic building in York, PA

We listen. Warehaus worked closely with the client to understand the history of the building and its past repairs. The exterior of the building had been in decline for many years, the result of Inappropriate repairs to the masonry in the 1970s. We design. Warehaus worked with Martin Library to restore the building’s historic façade […]

Lancaster County Courthouse and Prison

Building maintenance plan for historic structures

We listen. Warehaus teamed with The Witmer Group to create a 10-year facilities maintenance plan for both buildings. Prior to the start of the investigation, both structures experienced significant leaks and falling exterior stones that required staff to vacate parts of the buildings. Warehaus and The Witmer Group worked in concert to identify, analyze and […]

Hershey Community Building

Restoration of the Hershey Community Building

We listen. Warehaus was selected to manage the owner’s stewardship of the downtown landmark, providing analysis and documentation necessary to restore the stone building’s many beautiful features. We design. The project began with a complete 3D scan of the existing building, recording the high level of architectural detail and allowing the project team to create […]

Carlisle Barracks Restoration

Historic housing reconstruction and exterior envelope restoration at Carlisle Barracks

We listen. Warehaus prepared drawings and specifications for reconstruction of historic features of housing along Pratt Avenue, Lovell Avenue, Quarters 1,2 and 3, as well as Coren Apartments. We design. Repairs at the Barracks include exterior envelope restoration, porch and railing restorations, slate roof replacement and water conveyance systems evaluation. Warehaus also provided roof hatch […]

Berks County Heritage Lock #47 Restoration

Union Trail Enhancement with Timber Gate and Stone Wall Restoration in Bern Township

We listen. Both Warehaus’ Civil and Architectural teams are working together to restore the timber gates and surrounding stone walls to aesthetic and safe condition for pedestrian trail users. The Lock Gates will be nonfunctional and will exist for visual and educational purposes. We design. Warehaus’ Civil Engineering team worked closely with the architect to […]

1895 Federal Building

Before photo of the 1895 Federal Building in York, Pennsylvania

We listen. The 1895 Federal Building and Gethsemane Hall are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as contributing buildings within the York Historic District. The Redevelopment Authority’s desire to renovate the exterior and interior of the historic buildings included the pursuit of Historic Tax Credits, and Warehaus assisted with that pursuit through careful […]

Saint John Paul II National Shrine

Enhancement of the property frontage at the John Paul II National Shrine

We listen. Warehaus worked in close collaboration with Gallagher & Associates and WDP & Associates to help bring their vision to life. The project included renovations to all of the public spaces in the building, and included design and installation of a new 16,000 sf interpretive exhibit to educate visitors about the life and legacy […]