York College of Pennsylvania Kinsley Engineering Center

Collaborative space for students and industries at York College Engineering Center

We listen. Warehaus and York College have formed a strong partnership through a shared understanding of the college’s long-term goals. We design. Warehaus designers capitalized on the 24-foot-high clerestory building spine, creating light wells to allow natural light into the main corridor, and into the laboratories and classrooms on either side. A 9,000 sf addition […]

York Country Day School

York Country Day School STEAM facility

We listen. They also identified the need for a new approach to the 16-acre campus so that a welcoming front façade that truly reflects their 21st century project-based learning philosophy graces the arrival to campus. Warehaus applied its unique Design Delivery Process to make their dollars go further by uncovering and meeting additional needs such […]

York Academy Regional Charter School – Upper School

York Academy Regional Charter School Upper School in York, Pennsylvania

We listen. To begin the project, Warehaus assisted with site selection and analysis. Zoning challenges required special exceptions and variances from the city zoning hearing board, which we helped secure. The project also secured the approval of an informal permit review requested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We design. Our civil team managed […]

York College of Pennsylvania Northside Commons

Student dorm rooms at Northside Commons, York College

We listen. Rising enrollment rates pushed existing dorms toward capacity, requiring the addition of a new student housing facility that keeps students connected to the main hub of campus life. We design. Location of the new dorm was paramount to success. Convenient access to parking and the regional greenway were integrated into the site plan, […]

Holderness School Masterplan

The view of the Holderness School campus from the new academic quad defined by the Davis Center

We listen. The Academic Phase is the first area of focus, further reinforcing Holderness School’s mission to lead through learning. The design and construction of a new science facility focused on innovation, flexibility, collaboration and a thoughtful connection to the outdoor setting. The school’s current infrastructure has significant challenges, from restrictive classroom sizes to outdated […]

Holderness School Davis Center

View of architectural features of the Holderness School Davis Center Winter Garden

We listen. Holderness School’s current infrastructure includes restrictive classroom sizes and outdated technology, and many traditional facilities are closed off to the outside, with little glazing to provide natural light and views of the environment. The design of their new academic facility not only aligns pedagogical goals with the spaces that support them, but also […]

Penn State Bakery and Food Services

Maximized Storage and Racking for Campus Food Supply

We listen. To serve their growing number of locations and SKUs, Penn State aimed to expand the facility and provide a more efficient workflow for employees. We design. Warehaus designed the addition of 25,000 sf to the existing facility, including a 19,000 sf freezer addition, dock extension and multiple interior renovations. Cooler and dry storage […]

Logos Academy

LEED New Construction – Certified Level (v 2.2) awarded to the project

We listen. Serving as a gateway between York city and a residential district, the site drew the attention of local residents who were invested in the sound and traffic impacts to the area. To support the enrichment of the surrounding community, an open playground area was built for use by students and residents alike. We […]

York College Civil Engineering Center

York College of Pennsylvania's state-of-the-art Civil Engineering Center

We listen. Warehaus was tasked with designing a dynamic space to accommodate the growing Civil Engineering program at York College, while retaining the historic nature of the existing structure. We design. Implementing a 21st century program into an early 20th century building posed unique construction challenges. Drawing upon an extensive background of experience working with […]

York Academy Regional Charter School – Lower School

Three-story addition to York Academy Regional Charter School building

We listen. Warehaus’ civil engineering team used their extensive experience to secure proper zoning and land entitlements for the site. Retaining the historical integrity of the building’s exterior was also paramount. Working hand in hand with the City of York Historical Review Board (HARB), Warehaus’ historic preservation experts planned for the entire building to be […]