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New State-of-the-Art Office Facility Supports Revitalization of Downtown York, PA

Founded in York in 1963, Kinsley Construction is deeply rooted in the York community. At 1110 East Princess Street, Kinsley’s new state-of-the-art office facility provides space for the company to expand, while cultivating future growth and revitalization of downtown York. Faced with company growth and changes in the construction industry that demand new types of work environments and technology, Kinsley Construction enlisted Warehaus to design their new office facility.

Warehaus’ repurposed the bones of the existing structure to providing a more functional and energy efficient space. Using inventive structural solutions toadd a center monumental steel stair to connect the two main floor levels and a cantilevered beam canopy over the entrance, Warehaus highlighted existing industrial features of the building to create a welcoming entrance. To increase energy efficiency, large windows, a new exterior envelope, and new MEP systems were implemented. Warehaus also worked with Kinsley to provide meeting spaces that could accommodate groups of various sizes and a much needed café space that encouraged corporate engagement.

Seeking to transition from a completely closed off office space to a multifunctional open layout, the team designed workstations with each employees role in mind.  Creating one standard workstation layout that could be easily used by anyone within the building through use of sit to stand desk top components, different filing and storage options and  integrated technology solutions that encouraged connectivity and collaboration. These workstations were mocked up by the furniture vendor so each employee could see-feel-tough the true size and components prior to finalizing the design.  Buy in from the company as a whole for this massive shift in working environment was of utmost importance.

While the open layout office space maximized the use of the building’s square footage, Kinsley was concerned about noise and lack of privacy. Warehaus addressed these concerns by incorporating a white noise system for the open office areas and integrating noise absorbing materials in the exposed ceiling structure above the workstations and in the public spaces. Along with consultant Acoustic Distinctions, Warehaus also design and detailed a sound rated wall assembly between the attached steel fabrication shop and the office to mitigate the overhead crane bells and steel movement noises experienced through the existing separating wall.

To showcase Kinsley’s standing as a leading contemporary firm with longstanding family values, Warehaus blended modern design with warm finishes. The space is appealing to both potential recruits and longtime employees. Introducing customized corporate branding throughout the building, Warehaus helped to set a strong precedent for all future Kinsley Construction facilities, where environments are used as marketing tools to attract clients and new talent alike.

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