Richmond, CA

12th and Macdonald








150 units

Igniting the Passions of Local Residents with a Lively Downtown Destination

As the last stop on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) with immediate access to Oakland and San Francisco, Richmond, California is primed to  grow into a vibrant community connected to the flourishing tech boom of the Bay Area. To encourage investment in the city and to foster an urban community, the City of Richmond sought to create a downtown hub that builds upon Richmond’s unique history and serves as its economic and cultural heart.

Warehaus approaches each project with vision and a thoughtful purpose to create meaningful human experiences. The challenge in Richmond is to establish a sense of density and initiate a lively, sustainable destination that ignites passion in local residents.  In order to fuel the momentum needed for future developer activity in Richmond, the 12th and Macdonald project must succeed as the first example of the market’s potential.

We responded to the challenge by focusing on the communal, economic and social viability of the design. For new developments to thrive in urban communities, it is imperative to create a sense of place that encompasses a Live | Work | Play paradigm. By layering a robust experience horizontally across the site and integrating that experience vertically into the residences, the needs of the local community and residents are enhanced in every facet of the design. For example, the ground level is envisioned as a civic center, incorporating activities from a local performing arts group to generate active density at the site.

In the Basis of Design phase, our team took a deep dive into Richmond’s nuances, conducting site visits and market studies and analyzing transit options, demographics and city code requirements. Using those insights, our recommendations remained focused on creating an affordable and inclusive destination that activates Macdonald Avenue, partners with local businesses and schools, offers access to public transit, optimizes outdoor space and provides a sense of security, all while adhering to Green building standards.

Conceptual designs incorporate 150 multifamily units, retail space, commercial office space including an Innovation Center and brew pub, outdoor entertainment and dining area with media screen and outdoor leisure and athletic area. Together, these elements will create the experience of a lively and sustainable destination for the city.

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