Dale City, VA

Americans in Wartime Museum




Americans in Wartime Museum





Wartime Stories Brought to Life Through Authentic Landscapes

The Americans in Wartime Museum will be located on nearly 70 acres in Prince William County, Virginia, just 22 miles south of Washington, D.C. Designed around the site’s natural features, the Museum will benefit from the topography and natural beauty of its surroundings. Visitors will find convenient access to the Museum from a major, bustling highway yet will feel a world away. Nestled in the countryside, the main elements of the Museum will nonetheless immerse visitors in a realistic experience: the six Landscapes of War; Orientation Center; Restoration facilities and Aircraft Hangar; as well as a Reenactment Area and an Obstacle Course. The site design yields many options for visitors who may choose to explore a single era in depth or experience the entire venue with its indoor/outdoor mix of activities.

We Listen 

Warehaus collaborated with exhibit designers Gallagher & Associates and landscape designers Mahan Rykiel in a campus master planning process that created a museum experience similar to a safari tour.

We Design 

Wayfinding and ease of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow to and from the exhibition stops was an important consideration. Each stop provided life-like experiences of the different wars our nation has been involved with and serves as a tribute to the veterans of those wars.

We Deliver 

This unique museum brings our nation’s wartime stories to life through outdoor and indoor activities, authentic landscapes of war, operational armor and aircrafts, interactive multimedia programs, living history reenactments, an oral history recording studio, an array of public programs and galleries lined with thousands of artifacts.

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