Lititz, PA

Blackworth Live Fire Grill




Blackworth Live Fire Grill


Architecture, Interiors


5,309 sf

Celebrating the History of The Wilbur Chocolate Factory
Through an Old-World Dining Experience

The proposed design of the restaurant at the Wilbur Factory Redevelopment expresses all of the interior elements in their original state, celebrating the history of the Wilbur Chocolate Factory. Peeling back the layers of over a century of masked paint, we will rejuvenate the soul of the building. The contrasted elements of old with modern will be the foundation of the Blackworth Live Fire Grill, which incorporates a hearth oven and open grill kitchen serving the simplicity and old world flavors of grilleries and butcheries in foodie metropolises across the nation.

Slide 320 North George St
Suite 100
York, PA 17401
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