Hershey, PA

Milton and Catherine Hershey Conservatory




The M.S. Hershey Foundation




14,000 sf

A Spectacular Entrance to The Hershey Gardens, Including the Butterfly Atrium Feature Attraction

Warehaus’ design for the 14,000 sf Conservatory was inspired by the elegant structure built for Milton and Catherine Hershey in 1909. The main attraction at the Conservatory is the Butterfly Atrium, a specialized indoor environment where visitors can view tropical butterflies flourishing year round. The Conservatory includes a public gift shop, as well as a lower level for support and administrative spaces.

The Milton and Catherine Hershey Conservatory serves as the visitor entrance for Hershey Gardens. Guests enjoy impressive views of the town of Hershey and a bird’s eye view of Hershey Park rollercoasters from the overlook pavillion. Once inside, visitors have sweeping views of the gardens framed by large Palladian style windows. During warmer weather, the garden side terrace offers the opportunity to sit and enjoy Swan Lake and the historic rose garden.

The M. S. Hershey Foundation envisioned the Conservatory as an educational facility. One wing of the building was designed as a flexible environment supporting an indoor garden in mobile planters. The space changes seasonally to present horticultural exhibits, host special events, and to function as a year-round classroom for student groups.

Since opening in summer 2016, the Conservatory has grown rapidly in popularity as a wedding venue.

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