York, PA

ES3 Grocery Distribution Campus




C&S Wholesale Grocers





A World-Class Grocery Distribution Campus 

C&S Wholesale Grocers, established in 1918, is the nationwide leader in grocery distribution. The company has over 17 locations in the northeastern United States and is steadily expanding. C&S Wholesale Grocers established a new corporation, ES3, to store and distribute dry goods from this grocery distribution campus.

We Listen

Since 2001, Warehaus has designed multiple projects on the ES3 campus in York, PA.

We Design

ES3 co-locates multiple manufacturer inventories into a single location and delivers consolidated truckloads of products to customers within 24 hours of order placement. Warehaus managed very detailed coordination with the material handling supplier on multiple levels of the mezzanine.

We Deliver

The ES3 project is a world class facility utilizing state of the art equipment. Towers one through three use automated conveyor systems to distribute product to single mast cranes, which in turn store pallets in a rack-supported structure that is over 100 feet high.

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