Food and Beverage Company


Phase II: 2013
Phase III: 2014




Architecture, Interiors


375,000 sf

A Commitment to Legacy Through Transformation and Restoration

A master plan laid the foundation for a consolidation of 1,100 staff from four buildings into a central corporate office environment. Designers created an environmental transformation based on the company’s desire for a cultural change, moving from a model of encapsulated departments to one of overlapping, flexible work zones. The new office has smaller stations with low partitions, providing an address for each person, but also assuming that team members will mix and collaborate, work in nearby glass booths, alcoves, conference rooms, labs, and the sunlit atrium. Standardization of work spaces gives the company flexibility to minimize future construction as departments grow and change.

Spaces were designed to encourage wellness through movement. A new centralized atrium brings daylight to the interior and is furnished with a combination of soft seating and work tables to encourage occupants to get up and move to use the space. The design team selected light finishes for work surfaces to minimize contrast with paper and reduce eye strain.

The project was awarded LEED Gold Certification in May 2015.

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