Hampstead, MD

Fuchs North America


Fuchs North America




203,820 sf

Revolutionary Design Brings Efficiency to the Modern Workplace

Fuchs North America helps food companies solve seasoning challenges, with a focus on research and development, unsurpassed quality and detailed production processes.

We Listen 

As a testament to their mission, they sought a new and modern warehouse facility to showcase their brand and house industry-leading manufacturing equipment.

We Design 

Warehaus designed a 203,820 sf facility that not only revolutionizes the spice mixing process, but also emphasizes efficiency in a modern workplace setting. The design includes a demonstration/tasting room, gym, locker room, cafeteria, training room, full-service kitchens, laboratories, long-term storage, and a high-tech, 80-foot tower with multiple work levels for efficient blending processes.

We Deliver 

Careful planning and coordination were required due to space limitations and the need for updated equipment. The team remained flexible, providing necessary specifications, design modifications and construction sequencing to accommodate the equipment demands, resulting in a successful design-build partnership.