Gettysburg, PA

George Spangler Farm




The Gettysburg Foundation


Architecture, Historic Preservation


90 acres
4 buildings

Preserving History at Place of Historical Significance

The George Spangler Farmstead, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located within the boundary of the Gettysburg National Military Park and served as a Union artillery staging area, corps hospital, and burial ground during the Battle of Gettysburg. Today, the 80-acre farmstead is maintained by the Gettysburg Foundation. Four buildings with great historical integrity remain, including the farmhouse, barn, summer kitchen and a smokehouse.

The Gettysburg Foundation aimed to explore opportunities to use the grounds as a living history museum and to place a training center on the property. To prepare for those additions, Warehaus worked with Keystone Preservation, Inc., to develop a comprehensive Historic Structures Report for the site, which included extensive research documenting the history of the farm and the role it played during the Battle of Gettysburg. Physical investigations and selective demolition helped to determine the farm’s appearance during 1863. The significance, integrity, character- defining features, and existing conditions of each building on site were documented. Several options for re-use of the farmstead were explored, and a recommendation was made based on an evaluation of the farmstead’s history.

Warehaus then directed the restoration of the farmstead, following the Secretary of the Interiors “Standard for the Treatment of Historic Properties” to return the buildings to their 1863 appearance. The barn smokehouse the summer kitchen were meticulously restored for use in interactive tours of the farmstead. After the rehabilitation, Warehaus completed a Historic Structure Report Part 3 to document the work that was completed and the effect it had on the farmstead’s historic integrity.

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