Middletown, PA

Phoenix Contact




Phoenix Contact




117,000 sf

A New Multi-Use Facility that Promotes Productivity and Wellness

Phoenix Contact is a Germany-based global technology company that focuses the development of their products in the areas of control cabinets, field installation, device and connection technology, and systems and solutions. With production sites in Germany, China, Greece, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States, they have grown to become a global leader in the industry.

We Listen 

For the past 13 years, Warehaus has served as the Architect and Structural Engineer for Phoenix Contact at their Americas headquarters based in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Phoenix Contact utilizes a Germany-based Architect, Brandstetter Architects, to oversee and develop their corporate design and to ensure that their standards are applied to each of their global locations. Warehaus has worked with Brandstetter Architects to mutually represent the Client and develop documents for each major renovation and expansion project.

We Design 

Warehaus has been involved in major expansion and renovation projects at this 300,000 sf facility including office, production, and logistics functional areas. On a monthly basis during each major renovation and expansion project, Phoenix Contact, Brandstetter Architects, and Warehaus met to discuss and review each project in an effort to ensure that the Client’s expectations of budget, schedule, and quality were met.

We Deliver 

During construction, Warehaus is onsite on a weekly basis to observe construction activities and to inform the Client and Contractor of any inconsistencies with the documents and any quality control issues. Throughout the entire process Warehaus worked closely with the Client representative to inform specifics relating to our progress, key milestones, and project status.