Middletown, PA

Phoenix Contact




Phoenix Contact




117,000 sf

A New Multi-Use Facility that Promotes Productivity and Wellness

Phoenix Contact works to shape the future as an electrical engineering global market leader and innovator. Their legacy as a family-operated company is driven by a commitment to provide exceptional work environments for employees at all levels.

To help attract and retain employees on their growing Central Pennsylvania Campus, Phoenix Contact sought to build a new multi-use facility that promotes wellness and productivity. Building on the success of previous campus additions, Phoenix Contact partnered with Warehaus once again for the design of this 117,000 sf facility.

To accommodate multiple functions, the building was designed to house manufacturing and distribution on the first floor and offices and research labs on the upper floors. To integrate natural light and its positive effect on health and performance, we positioned a green roof with expansive skylights adjacent to the third floor employee lunchroom. Open plan workstations and second floor R&D labs also enjoy the benefits of the natural light. Attractively finished stairwells and well-appointed restrooms for both office and manufacturing employees continues the design flow throughout the building.