University Park, PA

Penn State Bakery & Warehouse




The Pennsylvania State University




25,000 sf addition
19,000 sf freezer

Expansion Provides Better Workflow for Campus Food Service at Largest College in Pennsylvania

As the largest public university in Pennsylvania, Penn State is home to a diverse population of more than 45,000 students. Facilities like the Housing & Food Service Warehouse provide baked goods and culinary supplies to campus locations, demanding the ability to process, store and provide service quickly and efficiently.

To serve their growing needs, Penn State aimed to expand the facility and provide a more efficient workflow for employees. Warehaus designed the addition of 25,000 sf to the existing facility, including a 19,000 sf freezer addition and a dock extension. Cooler and dry storage capacities were also maximized, and the facility features new racking for better flow. The entire warehouse was outfitted with an ESFR sprinkler system, and an added emergency generator now provides 100% back-up support.

With increased capacity and improved building systems, The Penn State Bakery and Warehouse can better serve students, faculty and employees across campus and throughout Pennsylvania.