Walkersville, MD

Rutter's Convenience Stores




Rutter’s Convenience Stores


Civil Engineering


7,500 sf retail store

Partnering on Stores Across the Mid-Atlantic for More than 25 Years

Rutters, with convenience stores throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia, has partnered with Warehaus on a variety of civil engineering projects over the last 25 years.
For their new 7,500 sf retail convenience store with vehicle parking and gas and diesel fueling stations, Warehaus first planned the site redevelopment, razing the original gas station that occupied the location.   Because of the Karst geology found on site, Warehaus developed an innovative stormwater management scheme in order to meet the water quality and quantity management requirements. Warehaus secured the reviews and approvals for the Forest Resource Ordinance (FRO), utilities and stormwater plans through the  Catoctin & Frederick Soil Conservation District, Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management (DUSWM) and through the Town of Walkersville jurisdiction. They also coordinated with a consultant  in order to receive necessary approval from the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA).

Residents of Walkersville were quite invested in the outcome and effects of the development. Public meetings with town constituents provided Warehaus with input that helped shape the project to the needs of both the client and the community. Additionally, Warehaus remained flexible with design changes in order to accommodate client feedback. The projected timeline for completion is Summer 2018.

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