E10: COVID-19 & Suddenly Leading a Fully Remote Workforce


A conversation with a CEO and Chief Creative Officer on successfully leading a business through a sudden paradigm shift from an office to fully remote workforce.

Chief Executive Officer 

Troy Bankert is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Architecture. As the CEO, Troy serves as lead representative for the firm, driving strategic communications and leading client relationship management. In his Director of Architecture role, Troy oversees the Architectural, Structural and MEP disciplines. Troy has 32 years of service with the Warehaus team.

Jonathan Wehri, AIA
Chief Creative Officer 

Jonathan Wehri serves as the Chief Creative Officer for Warehaus. He is responsible for both business development and creative services teams. For more than 15 years, Jonathan has used design thinking and storytelling to bring value and innovation to problems at all scales. As a champion of Warehaus’ strategy and vision, he has led the design of facilities that have exceeded clients’ expectations of quality and have resulted in recognition from his architectural peers.

Contact Info


(717) 845-8383


0:43 Intro to Episode
1:15 Troy Bankert Bio
1:38 Jonathan Wehri Bio
2:18 What led Troy Bankert to Architecture?
4:24 What led Jonathan to Architecture?
5:54 COVID-19 has created a robust work from home environment, what are some of the positive impacts?
15:02 What have some of the challenges been with remote work?
21:55 Do you see office space becoming more collaborative vs individual workspace?
28:12 How do you see these effects being visibly translated into design of workspaces and offices and what is the impact on that workspace design?
33:33 Closing thoughts
36:00 How to get in touch with Troy and Jonathan
37:40 End