Shippensburg, PA

Volvo Paint Line




Volvo Construction Equipment




117,000 sf

Unobtrusive Expansion Keeps Volvo Open for Business

Maintaining thriving and safe production facilities is key to everyday success at Volvo North America, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment. Under the mission of quality, safety and care for the environment, Volvo sought to expand their Pennsylvania manufacturing facility while maintaining continuous operation during construction.

We Listen

Through technological expertise and a commitment to Volvo’s mission, Warehaus executed an unobtrusive plan for expansion. Construction was phased to minimize impact to production. By utilizing methods not feasible with a conventional survey crew, we ensured that the plant remained operational at all times.

We Design

3D scans surveyed existing warehouse conditions, recording large areas of utilities and equipment including MEP connections. Complex machinery was reorganized to remove abandoned conduits and realign utility lines. Modeling technologies then allowed for virtual clearance tests, to ensure worker safety.

We Deliver

By coordinating with contracted vendors, our team met aggressive deadlines to complete the project on time, and on budget.