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York County Libraries for Growth and Enhancements

Established in 1974, the York County Library System is comprised of 13 full-service libraries, one neighborhood library and two pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as over 600,000 print and digital items for loan and use. Warehaus retains a long-standing relationship with the library system.

We Listen 

Its commitment to strengthen the York County community and enrich individual lives by supplying information, providing recreation, promoting literacy and encouraging life-long learning’ well into future necessitated a county-wide physical conditions and needs assessment of six of its aging facilities. Warehaus was selected to conduct life-cycle renewal analyses of the buildings’ components and systems, as well as determine the immediate, intermediate and long-term maintenance needs/ costs of each of the six libraries.

We Design 

The building components and systems investigated included, civil/ site analysis (stormwater, parking, entrances, sidewalks and courtyards), structure, architectural exterior (building envelope, windows, doors and other openings roofs and roof drainage systems), architectural interiors (ceilings, flooring, walls and other finishes) HVAC systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Lighting, Plumbing, Telecom (Data and Telephone), in addition to Life Safety assessment.

We Deliver 

Warehaus developed a detailed report documenting the investigation and analysis of the physical conditions of each the six buildings and compiled a repair/maintenance plan with associated costs and other recommendations. This report currently drives the York Country Library Systems’ facility management maintenance strategy.

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