Catalyst Muddy Creek Warehouse

Denver, PA

A Warehouse Project Driven by Collaboration

Working together with Catalyst Commercial Development and Warfel Construction, Warehaus provided the architectural and structural design for a 170,000 sf warehouse positioned on 13 acres along major transportation routes in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Project Details
Warfel Construction
170,000 sf
Completion Date
May 2023
Architecture, Structural

We listen.

The project involved designing a spacious warehouse with areas for a fire pump and electrical access. Additionally the design incorporates finished office space for a complete solution.

We design.

Structurally, Warehaus designed the project using 122 precast concrete panels for the exterior walls and conventional steel framing for the roof and columns, enabling the construction partner to work quickly without compromising quality.

We deliver.

The warehouse was completed in May 2023, providing ideal transportation access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and US Route 222.

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