Donwood Estates

Dover Township, York County, PA

A detailed subdivision design

Along Route 74 in York County, the residential open space community, Donwood Estates, is located on 150 acres and is near many modern conveniences. The subdivision design and permitting of the site was performed by Warehaus’ civil engineering/land planning team.
Project Details
KPH Donwood, LLC
150 acres
Completion Date
Donwood Estates

We listen.

Prior to development, Warehaus performed several environmental services including Wetland investigations and preparation of a PNDI Endangered or Threatened Species Search submission. Environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands, were present on site, which required the Civil Engineering/Land Planning Team to minimize impacts to these features. The team was able to maintain the Client’s vision of an open space development while achieving the desired number of dwelling lots. Property lines were established through deed, utility and right-of way research. Warehaus contracted with Buchart Horn Inc, for aerial photogrammetric mapping services, which were supplemented by additional field surveys in critical areas identified by the Civil Engineering / Land Planning Team.

We design.

Warehaus successfully secured all land planning and entitlements such as preliminary/final subdivisions with the Municipality, storm water management, soil erosion and sedimentation control with the County Conservation District including a NPDES permit for Discharge of Stormwater from Construction Activities. Additionally, they successfully secured Chapter 105 Permits with PADEP and ASACE for the minimized impacts to the Environmental Sensitive Areas. The team also provided construction inspections during installation of stormwater BMPs and as-built documentation for water and sanitary sewer systems.

We deliver.

Warehaus worked closely with the Client and Client’s legal counsel to develop Declaration Plans outlining the Homeowner Associations responsibilities. As the project progressed, the team continued their involvement by performing site design services related to the Palomino Road extension. They provided calculations of the existing storm sewer conveyance system at Donwood Estates to ensure the new roadway drainage could be safely and adequately conveyed. Due to the duration of the development, the NPDES permit required renewals and extensions. These renewals and extensions required the implementation of additional post construction stormwater management BMPs be provided to comply with the NPDES requirements for water quality and volume control of the stormwater runoff. The civil team provided cost effective retrofit designs for additional stormwater BMPs while maintaining the integrity of the residential development and maintaining all available building lots.

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