Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station

Gettysburg, PA

Traveling back in time through an interpretive museum experience

The Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station, in operation from 1858 to 1942, is a historic train station owned and operated by the Gettysburg Foundation, a long-time Warehaus client. The station contributes to the Gettysburg Battlefield Historic District, most notably serving as President Abraham Lincoln’s point of arrival, and departure following delivery of the Gettysburg Address. The station also served as both a hospital during the Civil War and hub for incoming resources following the end of the war. In 2019, the Gettysburg Foundation proposed the integration of an interpretive experience at the historic station, to bring the past alive and share tales of the people, lives, dreams and families impacted by the activities surrounding the station in the 1860s.
Project Details
The Gettysburg Foundation
2,369 sf
Completion Date
A self-guided tour through exhibits at the Gettysburg Lincoln Train Museum

We listen.

Through a collaborative effort with the Gettysburg Foundation and TimeLooper, Warehaus utilized TimeLooper’s initial design intent to develop and detail the physical interior displays, ticket booth, VR tables and theater seating to provide a constructible means to the interpretive experience. TimeLooper’s interpretive plan, titled “Ticket to the Past – Unforgettable Journeys,” focused on three distinct experiences, each unfolding in a separate room in the station.

We design.

To illustrate the train station’s multiple uses over its history, a combination of interpretive and animated panels in the ticketing room showcases the town and station over time. These exhibits are self-guided. Next, guests move to a separate room, where virtual and augmented realities highlight not only the broader societal impacts of the war, but individual stories through the eyes of real-life historic figures. The final experience utilizes 3D projection mapping to tell the story of Lincoln’s arrival to Gettysburg. Andrew Feinberg, principle of TimeLooper said, “Unforgettable Journeys redefines customer expectations about what a museum experience should be.”
Virtual reality table at the Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Museum
An Interpretive experience at the Gettysburg Lincoln Train Museum

We deliver.

Gettysburg Foundation President and CEO Wayne Motts commented, “The Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad is truly a historic treasure with unforgettable stories of perseverance, compassion and heroism through the actions of participants of the events of 1863. We look forward to presenting these compelling narratives and reintroducing visitors to this important story in a while new way.” The interpretive experience was launched to the public in May 2022.

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