Hershey Tanger Outlets Site and Facade Improvements

Hershey, PA

Upgraded site and facade for an enhanced shopping experience

Renovations at Tanger Outlets Hershey reveal a modernized exterior and enhanced amenities that elevate the shopper experience. The center features fresh cosmetic updates, a new gathering space, walkways, seating areas, and more, transforming it into a vibrant community hub.
Project Details
FSH Associates, LP
Completion Date
Anticipated Spring 2024
Architecture, Civil, Civil Engineering, Structural

We listen.

Warehaus’ civil engineering team prepared a Stormwater Management (SWM) plan and report to address water runoff associated with the new common space enhancements within the plaza, a topographic survey of the grass plaza area and its surroundings, an erosion and sediment control plan, and a site improvement plan. The site improvement plan details the proposed changes to the plaza, tree replacement, hardscaping of lawn areas, and the installation of bike rack locations. It also confirms parking requirements and serves as part of the building permit plan.

We design.

Warehaus’ architectural team contributed to the improved appearance and functionality of the Hershey Outlets through a comprehensive facade renovation, incorporating green spaces, walkways, and landscaping elements. Improvements include developing an engaging pathway that connects the North and South buildings of the Outlet while adding amenities for the customers, including entertainment area, seating, games, art walls and shading devices, as well as architectural improvements to the building facades, canopy, and covered walkways.

We deliver.

All improvements are planned for completion by Spring 2024.Photos show “Before” and “In-Progress” Conditions

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