Sterman Masser, Inc. Office

Sacramento, PA

Reflecting brand excellence in the design of a rustic, farmhouse style corporate office

Sterman Masser Inc. is known for its dedication to the agricultural sector, particularly in the realm of potato farming and processing. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Sterman Masser has earned a reputation for excellence in producing high-quality potato products while also prioritizing environmental stewardship.
Project Details
Sterman Masser, Inc.
22,000 sf
Completion Date
In Process

We listen.

To reflect the excellence of their brand, the company sought to create a LEED-certified corporate headquarters in Sacramento, PA – a cutting-edge workspace to blend rustic industrial and farmhouse aesthetics with modern amenities and technologies. Warehaus was selected by Mowery Construction to partner on the project and provide programming and schematic design, interior design, and construction documents.

We design.

Phase 1 of the 22,000 sf corporate office building will take the place of their current office structure, which is spread through a series of existing buildings and temporary mobile offices. The existing office spaces will be reincorporated back for use by the production facility and the mobile offices will be scheduled for demolition to gain area for a future project. The new design allows for future multi-floor wing expansions of an additional 15,000 sf of space. The headquarters’ aesthetic blends rustic industrial and modern farmhouse elements to blend with its rural environment. The design incorporates open vaulted office areas and large expanses of glazing to take advantage of natural light while emphasizing the optimal views of the existing mountain range, as well as the family farmed land. Additionally, the program incorporates a culinary cooking space for teaching and showcasing purposes.

We deliver.

Warehaus will provide guidance on recommended wayfinding and monument signage throughout the headquarters, which includes both closed and open office spaces, seating areas, conference room, breakroom and training space, a first aid station, mailroom, and retail space.  Sterman Masser Family of Companies President, David Masser, said, “Working with the Warehaus team has been an exceptional experience, from the initial conception stage to the final result. The team thoroughly understood our requirements and translated them into a functional and visually stunning office space that perfectly caters to our needs.”

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