York College Civil Engineering Center

York, PA

Preserving history while making way for the future of civil engineering

York College of Pennsylvania enlisted the architectural, structural engineering and civil engineering services of Warehaus to bring a state-of-the-art Civil Engineering Center to their campus. The project involved the rehabilitation and renovation of an existing 13,000 sf building from the early 20th century once occupied by Doucette Industries.
Project Details
York College of Pennsylvania
13,000 sf
Completion Date
Architecture, Civil, Structural

We listen.

Warehaus was tasked with designing a dynamic space to accommodate the growing Civil Engineering program at York College, while retaining the historic nature of the existing structure.

We design.

Implementing a 21st century program into an early 20th century building posed unique construction challenges. Drawing upon an extensive background of experience working with both historic buildings in the York region and educational institutions, Warehaus developed thoughtful solutions to these challenges during the design and renovation of the building.
York College of Pennsylvania's state-of-the-art Civil Engineering Center
Dynamic space design for growing civil engineering program

We deliver.

Large steel gears, used during the building’s industrial days, were identified and refurbished. Hung on existing brick walls throughout the building, these artifacts allowed the structure to retain its historic integrity, while laboratories, classrooms, and office spaces were introduced to accommodate its new function as a Civil Engineering Center.

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