York JCC Jewish Community Center

York, PA

Improved security and a welcoming entrance at the York JCC

The York Jewish Community Center provides high quality programs to their members – and have for nearly 100 years. For more than three decades, they have opened their doors to the community at their current location on Hollywood Drive. To improve security and offer a more welcoming entrance, the York JCC worked collaboratively with Warehaus to design renovations for their main entrance lobby.
Project Details
York JCC
2,000 sf
Completion Date
Architecture, Interiors
Welcoming lobby design at York Jewish Community Center

We listen.

Three themes emerged while planning for the renovations. The York JCC focused on ensuring a positive entrance experience, where patrons are known and recognized, able to interact freely, and connect with the energy of the adjacent café. The new security features are designed to give the staff and patrons peace of mind. The overall design is reflective of the JCC and its mission to inspire relationships, build a community of well-being and enhance Jewish communal life.

We design.

The lobby is an active space used for a variety of activities. With this in mind, Warehaus explored options to integrate a new centrally located reception desk to control circulation into the building. The new design includes a glass wall at the entrance. This creates a sense of openness while controlling traffic into the facility. The location of the new reception desk also gives JCC staff clear visibility to adjacent spaces like the café, entrance and seating areas. The new electronic security bars add a level of sophistication to the entrance experience. Members now scan a membership card when they enter and exit, clearly communicating the JCC’s commitment to safety.
Welcoming lobby design at York Jewish Community Center
Blue accent wall symbolizing divinity at York JCC entrance

We deliver.

Judaism inspired the finish materials selected for the renovation. The new floor tile and reception desk work surface were inspired by Jerusalem Stone. Thee face of the reception desk was inspired by Acacia wood. The blue accent wall represents Divinity/Heaven and creates a strong visual connection to the lobby. Additional design features include a curved ceiling element, lights and mosaic tile that help to define the space and highlight the existing mural within the lobby. The enhanced entrance opened to the public in early 2021.

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