David Koratich, EIT

Co-Owner / Chief Operating Officer / Director of Engineering

Years in Industry: 24
Years with Warehaus: 24

Along with Warehaus’ CEO Troy Bankert, David took ownership of the firm in 2021 and has been a part of the company since 1999.

Over his 24 years at Warehaus, David has partnered with Warehaus’ clients through the design and regulatory process for Civil/Site-related projects. He diversified the Civil Engineering Team’s portfolio to include commercial and industrial business parks, residential sub-divisions (single family, detached and high density), retail projects as well as professional offices. As Director of Civil Engineering, David leads a team of eleven and offers them professional guidance, open communication, and mentorship.

David also serves as Warehaus’ Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the day to-day administrative and operational functions of multiple business units including internal operations, information technology, building facilities, and business processes. David holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Penn State University.


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