Erin Himmelberger, AIA

Architectural Practice Lead

Years in Industry: 28
Years with Warehaus: 20

Erin has been practicing in the architectural field for 28 years; 20 of them directly with Warehaus. She manages an Architectural staff of 19 and oversees project quality and client relations.

She has built a wealth of knowledge leading project teams for many historical restoration and envelope repair projects. She spent some of her early career working as a window system designer, learning how to design and construct airtight and watertight buildings with a variety of window types. Erin’s ability to efficiently solve problems, her attention to technical details and thorough understanding of proper applications of building products are considered her greatest strengths. All of these qualities help her design constructable, reliable facilities, making her a favorite partner of clients.

Erin holds an Architectural Design degree from York Technical Institute.


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