Jeffrey Stough

Civil Project Manager

Years in Industry: 20
Years with Warehaus: Joined the Team in 2024

Jeff Stough brings over two decades of expertise in civil engineering, land development, and project management to Warehaus. As a Civil Project Manager, Jeff ensures that new projects are designed efficiently while adhering to local regulations. His role is pivotal in the development plan approval process, which involves close interaction with council members and government officials. His responsibilities also include creating detailed site development construction estimates, securing subcontractor quotes, managing permitting requirements.

Jeff is also Owner of Jaguar Commercial Real Estate, LLC, where he serves as Broker of Record for clients seeking sites for land development. 

Jeff’s educational foundation includes coursework in Engineering Management with a Minor in Business Administration from York College of Pennsylvania and an Associate Degree in Design Drafting from York Technical Institute. 

With a deep knowledge of civil, mechanical, and architectural drawings and a strong skill set in project planning and problem-solving, Jeff is an asset to the civil engineering team. His commitment to excellence and ability to navigate complex regulatory environments make him instrumental in driving successful project outcomes.


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