New Freedom Borough Rail Trail Improvements

New Freedom Borough, PA

Improving Safety at New Freedom Borough's Rail Trail Crossing

Warehaus, serving as the municipal engineer of record for New Freedom Borough, undertook a project to enhance the existing Rail Trail crosswalks at Main Street (a PennDOT-owned road) and Franklin Street (a locally owned road). The initiative was prompted by the borough’s desire to revitalize its downtown area and identified the crosswalks as a focal point for improvement.
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New Freedom Borough
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New Freedom Borough rail Trail Improvements

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The project addressed both aesthetic and safety concerns surrounding the crosswalks. A key aesthetic upgrade involved the introduction of stamped thermoplastic crosswalks, providing an attractive and visually delineated pedestrian pathway. Decorative poles were incorporated to house street name, crosswalk, and railroad signage, contributing to the overall enhancement of the area’s appearance.

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In terms of safety improvements, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) were installed at both crosswalks. These beacons, triggered by infrared bollards, serve to alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians. The strategically placed bollards, connected by an invisible infrared beam, automatically activate the RRFBs when detecting movement towards the crosswalk, enhancing overall pedestrian safety.
New Freedom Borough Rail Trail
New Freedom Borough rail Trail Improvements

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The project’s program included the implementation of various products, such as decorative poles, stamped thermoplastic crosswalks, and infrared bollards and RRFBs. Warehaus delivered a range of services, including securing PennDOT Traffic Signal Plan Approvals, coordination and approval from the York County Rail Trail Authority and Northern Central Railway, preparing construction plans and specifications, preparation and managing construction bid processes, and conducting construction inspections to ensure the successful execution of the project.

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