1895 Federal Building

York, PA

A historic rehabilitation for York

The 1895 Federal Building was York’s first dedicated post office, designed by U.S. Treasury Department Supervising Architect Willoughby J. Edbrooke. In 1911, the post office was replaced by a larger, more modern building and in 1917 several Masonic Lodges in York purchased the building, which was later sold to the York Rescue Mission for use as the Lighthouse Youth Center. The Youth Center made minor changes on the interior, including installing a basketball court in Gethsemane Hall. Despite its continued use, almost all of the building’s historic spaces, features and finishes remained intact through the end of the 20th century. In 2016, the York City Redevelopment Authority purchased the building for potential rehabilitation.
Project Details
York City Redevelopment Authority
29,305 sf
Completion Date
In Process
Architecture, Historic
Before photo of the 1895 Federal Building in York, Pennsylvania

We listen.

The 1895 Federal Building and Gethsemane Hall are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as contributing buildings within the York Historic District. The Redevelopment Authority’s desire to renovate the exterior and interior of the historic buildings included the pursuit of Historic Tax Credits, and Warehaus assisted with that pursuit through careful considerations of the repairs.

We design.

Warehaus verified and documented the existing conditions of the facility and provided conceptual plans, code review, narratives and guidance to make this facility a marketable lease space and in conformance with the requirements of qualifying as a Historic Tax Credit Project.
Before photo of the 1895 Federal Building in York, Pennsylvania
Before photo of the 1895 Federal Building in York, Pennsylvania

We deliver.

Plans for exterior alterations will preserve the existing historic features, materials, and building massing and will remain harmonious with the architectural character of the building, as well as the surrounding historic district. The interior rehabilitation will balance retention of primary historic spaces and fabric while allowing for more drastic changes in secondary spaces. Before photos are featured below.

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