205 State Street Apartments

Harrisburg, PA

Historic Charm Meets Modern Comforts

In Pennsylvania’s state capital, the 205 State Street Apartments project transforms a historic Harrisburg townhouse into an exceptional housing solution for visiting elected officials. This initiative seeks to seamlessly blend historical charm with modern comfort.
Project Details
Fernandez Realty Group
3,400 sf
Completion Date
April 2024
205 State Street Apartments in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

We listen.

Warehaus, in collaboration with structural engineering firm Kenneth B. Robinson Associates, approached the project by first providing detailed existing conditions modeling.

We design.

Warehaus also managed concept design, construction documentation, permitting, and bidding phases with a focus on living space design that merge aesthetics with functionality.

We deliver.

The resulting apartments, designed as higher-end one-bedroom units, will be curated to include a well-appointed kitchen, a comfortable living area, and a dedicated laundry space complete with washer and dryer. This modern offering is seamlessly integrated within the historical framework of a townhouse constructed in the late 19th century.

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