Lancaster County Courthouse and Prison

Lancaster, PA

Addressing significant building failures

Two of Lancaster County’s historic structures were exhibiting significant building failures. Both the Lancaster County Courthouse and the Lancaster County Prison presented immediate needs for action and were perfect candidates for long-term preservation.
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Lancaster County Government
N/A - facade restoration
Completion Date
Architecture, Historic
Building maintenance plan for historic structures

We listen.

Warehaus teamed with The Witmer Group to create a 10-year facilities maintenance plan for both buildings. Prior to the start of the investigation, both structures experienced significant leaks and falling exterior stones that required staff to vacate parts of the buildings. Warehaus and The Witmer Group worked in concert to identify, analyze and propose solutions to the failing envelopes. On-site evaluations led to a 3-level prioritization plan that allowed failures to be addressed efficiently – Level 1: Systems with current or imminent failure; Level 2: Systems predicted to fail within five years; Level 3: Systems predicted to fail within 10 years.

We design.

Warehaus’ continued scope of work includes full 3D scans of the buildings to create a point cloud record of each building for use in the documentation of masonry restorations, roof replacements and window/door replacements.
Building maintenance plan for historic structures
Building maintenance plan for historic structures

We deliver.

Government-owned buildings are not eligible for standard historical grant credits. However, Warehaus’ internal Historic Preservation team was instrumental in identifying other available grant opportunities, including the Keystone Historic Preservation Construction grant and a National Trust for Historic Preservation grant. Warehaus also compiled photography, scanning, narratives, recommendations, construction details and quantities into a presentation to the Lancaster County Commissioners.

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