Harsco Corporate Headquarters

Camp Hill, PA

Connecting employees to their natural surroundings

The Harsco Corporation is a forward-thinking, global manufacturing company that sought a headquarters facility to match its corporate focus. Its original 1970’s structure, located along the Susquehanna River, needed a complete renovation to make better use of space and capitalize on the remarkable views surrounding the facility.
Project Details
Harsco Corporation
40,000 sf
Completion Date
Architecture, Interiors
Ergonomic furnishings at Harsco Corporation headquarters, in smaller and more efficient office and workstation sizes

We listen.

Warehaus presented transformative options that looked beyond finish upgrades to a bigger-picture analysis of the company’s structure, locations and its workforce interactions. The main entrance location, executive conference room and typical perimeter-office layout of the building were re-imagined to connect building occupants with the natural surroundings throughout their work day. Warehaus also helped Harsco Corporation standardize to smaller office and workstation sizes, made more efficient and attractive through task-appropriate, ergonomic furnishings.

We design.

The entrance canopy stands as a beautiful encapsulation of Harsco’s dynamic product line and their sustainable business approach. Used railroad sections were shipped to a local metal-worker so that they could be repurposed as semi-structural features for the canopy. Harsco’s steel and aluminum mezzanine systems were also incorporated in the canopy as column wraps for ivy to grow on. In addition to demonstrating the diverse potential uses that their products have, these features act a reminder to employees of the industry that they are a part of and their company’s commitment to sustainable practices.
Entrance canopy at Harsco Corporation headquarters, featuring steel and aluminum mezzanine systems
Harsco Corporation headquarters, with consolidation of 100 employees from three separate sites.

We deliver.

Harsco sought to recreate their original marketing wall map in a manner that aligned with the corporate renovation goals. Warehaus suggested ways that the map could be transformed into a modern art piece. Although the final product had pieces weighing more than 100 pounds, Warehaus creatively printed out a full sized template of the steel map on a grid so that hangers could be accurately aligned. Ultimately, the backlit steel map rests elegantly on the wall reminding employees of company’s global impact. These changes allowed consolidation, moving 100 employees from three separate sites to one location. Space was reallocated to provide Harsco’s workforce with a state-of-the-art training room, a healthy-menu food service and dining spaces and areas to accommodate traveling staff and visitors with hoteling workstations and luggage storage.

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