WellSpan Health Thomas Hart Medical Office Building

WellSpan Health Thomas Hart Medical Office

We listen. The design included confirmation of the existing health system standards for exam rooms, procedure rooms, dental operatories, and dental procedure rooms. These standards were generated in live scale in a warehouse space owned by WellSpan Health, which enabled the team to confirm each room standard and prototype before the project even moved out […]

Matthew Hykes, PE

With nearly 30 years of experience collaborating with architects, engineers, clients, and contractors in the design of treatment plants, commercial industrial, telecom, and educational buildings, Matthew has an extensive knowledge of a wide range of project types. From renovations to new construction, Matthew has often been given the “headache” projects and has been a driving force […]

Troy Bankert, AIA

Since 2021, Troy has served as Co-Owner of Warehaus, to which he brings deep historic knowledge as an employee of the organization since its beginnings in the 1980s. Working his way up from Architectural Draftsman, Troy has held nearly every role in his 35 years with the organization and was named CEO in 2019. Troy […]

Holderness School Davis Center

View of architectural features of the Holderness School Davis Center Winter Garden

We listen. Holderness School’s current infrastructure includes restrictive classroom sizes and outdated technology, and many traditional facilities are closed off to the outside, with little glazing to provide natural light and views of the environment. The design of their new academic facility not only aligns pedagogical goals with the spaces that support them, but also […]

Mobile Climate Control

Mobile Climate Control bus HVAC system production facility in York, Pennsylvania

We listen. The new 220,000 sf office/warehouse/fabrication facility houses 20,000 sf of office space, including conference spaces, canteens, and a training room. The warehouse and manufacturing area includes lab space, a machine shop, production lines, and multiple loading docks. The building was also designed for a future expansion of 120,000 sf. We design. Structurally, the […]

Carlisle Barracks Restoration

Historic housing reconstruction and exterior envelope restoration at Carlisle Barracks

We listen. Warehaus prepared drawings and specifications for reconstruction of historic features of housing along Pratt Avenue, Lovell Avenue, Quarters 1,2 and 3, as well as Coren Apartments. We design. Repairs at the Barracks include exterior envelope restoration, porch and railing restorations, slate roof replacement and water conveyance systems evaluation. Warehaus also provided roof hatch […]

Logos Academy

LEED New Construction – Certified Level (v 2.2) awarded to the project

We listen. Serving as a gateway between York city and a residential district, the site drew the attention of local residents who were invested in the sound and traffic impacts to the area. To support the enrichment of the surrounding community, an open playground area was built for use by students and residents alike. We […]

York County History Center

Two-story glass lobby connecting the steam plant to the adjacent building

We listen. The York County History Center seeks to create common ground in the York, Pennsylvania community by celebrating the diversity of the historic experience as a means to inspire the future. The developing concept is an artistic integration of large iconic objects, bold environmental graphics, and interactive media in a visitor-centered experience. We design. […]

York College Civil Engineering Center

York College of Pennsylvania's state-of-the-art Civil Engineering Center

We listen. Warehaus was tasked with designing a dynamic space to accommodate the growing Civil Engineering program at York College, while retaining the historic nature of the existing structure. We design. Implementing a 21st century program into an early 20th century building posed unique construction challenges. Drawing upon an extensive background of experience working with […]